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December 1999 Cover
December 1999
Mining In Textual Mountains

by Marty Lucas.

      Will text data mining open rich new veins of information in the mountains of documents available online? In this special feature edition of Trip-M, Marty Lucas interviews Marti Hearst, Assistant Professor at the School of Information Management and Systems ("SIMS") of the University of California at Berkeley. about the future of text data mining.

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Also In This Issue
12/01/99 Map of the Month, "MIDS Maps of the Internet World"
by Martin Dodge.
John S. Quarterman's Matrix Internet and Directory Services consultancy has been mapping cyberspace for a decade.
12/01/99 Visions, "I See Dancing Beans"
by Jeffrey Zeldman.
The Internet comes of age at New York's China Club.
12/01/99 Locus, "Time and Place"
by Stephanie Faul.
Call them smart bombs if you will - fact is, they're only following instructions.
12/20/99 Web Informant #181
by David Strom.
The Shipping News, or when you absolutely, positively have to know.
12/12/99 Web Informant #180
by David Strom.
Measuring Web Performance.
12/06/99 Web Informant #179
by David Strom.
Shopping on the Web, two days seems like an eternity.
12/01/99 Web Informant #178
by David Strom.
Internet groupware can give you competitive advantage.

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