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» UPDATE: [07.25.02]
Version 0.6a released as Mappa.Mundi relaunches to support the IMS Core Technologies Program.
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Mappa.Mundi Magazine explores how we see and use the Internet. More information can be found on our masthead page.
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noLimits Working out of historic Satu Mare, noLimits Technologies has an extensive track record supporting open source projects and was selected for the SpaceMapper project after a rigorous Request for Proposals process through They believe that by work, study, communication and an open mind, great solutions can be developed.

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An Open Source Development Effort » Version 0.6a Released

       Conversations on the Internet are often disjointed and unidirectional. Flame wars break out, people blog each other to death, and communities form and break down. In many cases, conversations are occuring in many different places on the same topic. The SpaceMapper effort was born from the classic Internet desire to see if there is a better way.

       As history has revealed, the best ways are often found by people with a strong passion for their work as well as shaping the future for the common good. In an effort to find these types of people to echo their enthusiasm for the SpaceMapper project, turned to the open source community by enlisting the services of's SourceXchange. The search paired up webchick and Carl Malamud of with the noLimits development team, and the project is currently funded through the 501(c)(3) non-profit arm of

       Mappa.Mundi Magazine will serve as the focal point for this open source development effort. The magazine has supported open source efforts through rhetoric, and the people behind the magazine have supported the efforts through action. Mappa.Mundi thus seems the ideal home for the SpaceMapper effort, and we encourage you to check back over the next year as this page is updated with additional news and information about the project.

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