Esther Dyson Today’s Visionary is Esther Dyson, chairman of EDventure Holdings, Inc. She's been publishing an information technology newsletter, Release 1.0 since 1982. In 1997 she published her first book, Release 2.0 : A Design for Living in the Digital Age.

In addition to her writing and information technology investment activities, Esther Dyson serves on the board of trustees of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and as interim director of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.

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Esther Dyson, chairman of EDventure Holdings, Inc. More Visions »

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Release 2.0
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A Design For Living
In The Digital Age

by Esther Dyson
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I see points and
spaces of light

       I see all the people I know, easily reachable by e-mail without my having to know where they are physically. (And I don’t need to worry about waking them up, regardless of time zone!)

       On the Web, I see points and spaces of light in a blank dark sweep of cyberspace…it's like being on the moon; things are either sharp and present, or invisible. There's no ambient light, and no peripheral vision.

Esther Dyson

       Cyberspace still needs better signposts, maps, directories, and reputation services. It’s like a giant city with billboards, but no street signs or well-defined neighborhoods. Most of the stores have windows but they are strangely devoid of people: I can’t see the other customers, and the salespeople usually talk about special offers, but they rarely listen.

       There are some places people go to chat or discuss, and those - especially the list-based discussion groups, are what I like most. When you’re in one of these, you don't need maps, but if you want to explore and find all that cyberspace can offer…

       And good luck with Mappa Mundi…a magazine that lets us think about these important themes.

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