Scott Adams Today’s Visionary is Scott Adams, creator of the cubicle dwelling hi-tech engineer Dilbert®. Scott's first book "The Dilbert Principle" is one of the top selling business publications ever. He is the creator of the Dilberito®, a microwavable and nutritious entree.

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The Dilbert Future: Thriving on Stupidity in the 21st Century
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Don't Step in the Leadership
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I see business as usual

       In the future, cyberspace won't exist as a concept. The Internet will be the only way to do normal business, making it unnecessary to have special words to describe it.

       Today we say “I drove to work” and don't need to add “in a car” because it is assumed. Cyberspace, multimedia, the Internet and a host of other words will leave the language in twenty years as they also become assumed as the normal way of doing things.

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