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January 1999 Cover
January 2000
Memory Palaces: A Millenial Metaphor?

by Carl Malamud.

      The idea of a shadowy underworld of magicians and outlaws who learned (and practiced) the secret arts inspired an obsession by some of the noted authors of the 20th century. Thomas Pynchon, in particular, used the Giordanistis as the model for the shadowy world of an underground postal service in The Crying of Lot 49…

Read » Memory Palaces, 1 January 2000.

Also In This Issue
01/01/00 Locus, "Prince Henry, The Navigator"
by Stephanie Faul.
From the end of the Earth a medieval prince launched an age of exploration.
01/01/00 Reviews, "Exploration In The Ice"
by Brook Ellingwood.
Books on the British Antarctic Expeditions.
01/01/00 Trip-M, "Knowing The Rules"
by Marty Lucas.
A conversation with UC Berkeley economics professor Hal Varian.
01/01/00 Web Informant #182
by David Strom.
Buying a car online.
01/09/00 Web Informant #183
by David Strom.
Getting Internet access when you travel.
01/16/00 Web Informant #184
by David Strom.
Managing Web systems effectively.
01/22/00 Web Informant #185
by David Strom.
Joining an affiliates network.
01/01/00 Map of the Month, "Missile Tracks Across The Net"
by Martin Dodge.
Stephen G. Eick's color coded arches have become popular icons for visualizing the Internet.

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