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Mappa.Mundi Magazine explores how we see and use the Internet. More information can be found on our masthead page.
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June 1999 Cover
June 1999
I see maps of the Internet

by Bill Joy, Guest Visionary.

       Bill Joy, Chief Scientist and CEO of Sun Microsystems says it's time for Internet cartographers to seize the day: "At Sun Microsystems back in 1994 we were working on a programming language we called Oak (later renamed "Java") to enliven the Internet with new programming capabilities."...

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Also In This Issue
06/01/99 Visions, "I see an elephant."
by Paul Jones.
The Internet as the proverbial elephant.
06/01/99 All Over the Map, "E-Work"
by Carl Malamud.
Beyond Open Source there's work that needs doing.
06/01/99 Map of the Month, "ARPANET, October 1980"
by Martin Dodge.
One of the earliest attempts to chart the reaches of Cyberspace, it reminds us that today's Internet is a cold war child.
06/15/99 Locus, "Map"
by Stephanie Faul.
Map making is an ancient art.
06/01/99 Locus, "Orbis Terrarum"
by Stephanie Faul.
Globe of the World.
06/01/99 Trip-M, "Pastures in the Sea"
by Marty Lucas.
NASA Oceanographer M. Grey Valenti explains the SeaWiFS project.
06/21/99 Web Informant #159
by David Strom.
A Teen-Eyed View of Moneyopolis.
06/14/99 Web Informant #158
by David Strom.
Slouching towards
06/01/99 Web Informant #157
by David Strom.
What is the real price of free PCs?
06/05/99 Reviews, "The Clay Machine-Gun"
by Bob Halliday.
Vladimir Ilich Chapaev travels into an absolute void in a novel by Victor Pelevin.

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