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Mappa.Mundi Magazine explores how we see and use the Internet. More information can be found on our masthead page.
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November 1999 Cover
November 1999
Saving Private Art

by Marty Lucas.

      Private Art is more than just another web site: it is a project that brings people closer together despite their physical geography. In this special feature edition of Trip-M, Marty Lucas interviews Rebecca Hargrave, the creator of a unique digital storytelling project, Private Art: WWII Letters To and From Home.

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Also In This Issue
11/01/99 Visions, "I See Business as Usual"
by Scott Adams.
The creator of Dilbert tells us what he sees in cyberspace.
11/01/99 Map of the Month, "Web Site Maps from Dynamic Diagrams"
by Martin Dodge.
Z-Diagrams help designers visualize large Web sites in two-and-a-half dimensions.
11/01/99 Locus, "Imaginary Places"
by Stephanie Faul.
In a storyteller's dreamscape, monkeys can fly.
11/21/99 Web Informant #177
by David Strom.
Keeping your contacts in sync.
11/15/99 Web Informant #176
by David Strom.
It's hard work protecting your family's PCs.
11/08/99 Web Informant #175
by David Strom.
Using email to effectively communicate with your customers.
11/01/99 Web Informant #174
by David Strom.
Son of (return of) push.

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