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October 1999 Cover
October 1999
A Shared Reality: Maps As Metaphor

by Carl Malamud.

      In the beginning, maps were fiction. We perceived our world as myths defined by belief not geography. Maps of these imagined worlds came in many shapes and sizes, but they all mixed the unreal with snippets of the real world. The process of mapping the real world was one of going from geographies of ideas to maps of real geography. On the Internet, we will pursue a reverse path: maps of the Internet will progress from our current maps of network topologies to maps of virtual worlds that we build, maps of ideas and thoughts.

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Also In This Issue
10/01/99 Map of the Month, "Mapping MUDs"
by Martin Dodge.
Multi-User Dimensions are shared fantasy realms built of words and visible only in a player's mind. Can they be mapped?
10/01/99 Locus, "Triangulation"
by Stephanie Faul.
Map makers need to know all the angles.
10/01/99 Review, "Quatermass and the Pit"
by Bob Halliday.
For SF at its best, try this 1967 alien invasion film, now available on DVD.
10/01/99 Vision, "I see points and spaces of light"
by Esther Dyson
Cyberspace is like being on the moon; things are either sharp and present, or invisible.
10/01/99 Trip-M, "Seeing the Sound"
by Marty Lucas
Audio spectrograms can map any sonic event - and you can make your own.
10/24/99 Web Informant #173
by David Strom.
E-mail paranoia.
10/18/99 Web Informant #172
by David Strom.
Preserving online archives.
10/11/99 Web Informant #171
by David Strom.
Don't let shoppers name their price.
10/04/99 Web Informant #170
by David Strom.
Attention loyal shoppers.
10/01/99 Smells Like VRML
by Carl Malamud.
The distance between theory and practice is always smaller in theory than it is in practice.

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