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September 1999 Cover
September 1999
The Importance Of Being EDGAR

by Carl Malamud.

      "The goal of our company, Invisible Worlds, is to give you easy, powerful access to information. Think of the Internet as a largely unexplored planet; we're building surveying tools to gather and manage the data required to make maps. We see a future Internet that is a lot smarter about organizing itself."

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Also In This Issue
09/01/99 Map of the Month, "Mapping How the Data Flows (Traceroute)"
by Martin Dodge.
The links and hops of the hidden world of the Internet are revealed as Martin Dodge puts three traceroute mapping programs to the test.
09/01/99 Locus, "Atlas"
by Stephanie Faul.
A Titan's burden becomes a cartographer's collection.
09/01/99 Visions, "I see Bridges"
by Judi Harris.
Not bridges of steel, but bridges of ideas that span the miles of physical space.
09/01/99 Trip-M #002, "Getting Tufte"
by Marty Lucas.
Review of Edward Tufte's one day class on information design.
09/01/99 MP3-Closeup #1, "'Thin'terview"
by Corinne Becknell.
An interview with D.C. based electronica musician Mike Curtis.
09/21/99 Web Informant #169
by David Strom.
Why search engines are clueless.
09/12/99 Web Informant #168
by David Strom.
You've Got (Hot) Mail.
09/07/99 Web Informant #167
by David Strom.
Using CNN for network management.
09/01/99 Wagats Surveys
by Carl Malamud.
Fine Dining On Sand Hill Road.

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