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Marty Marty Lucas was the Founding Editor of Mappa.Mundi. He began writing and producing media for the Internet in 1992 with the Internet Multicasting Service, based in Washington D.C., where he helped pioneer audio on the Internet. Presently, he is a partner at Becknell and Lucas Media.

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Trip-M Archives

       Trip-M journeys to the center of social, political and economic issues of interest to the technology community.

Trip-M Archives
04/01/00 Demystifying Metadata - What exactly is metadata and how do I find it in my content? Go
01/01/00 Knowing the Rules - A conversation with UC Berkeley economics professor Hal Varian. Go
12/01/99 Mining in Textual Mountains - An interview with Marti Hearst, Assistant Professor at UC Berkeley's School of Information Management and Systems. Go
11/01/99 Saving Private Art - An interview with Rebecca Hargrave on digital storytelling. Go
10/01/99 Seeing the Sound - Audio spectrograms can map any sonic event - and you can make your own. Go
09/01/99 Getting Tufte - Review of Edward Tufte's one day class on information design. Go
06/01/99 Pastures in the Sea - NASA Oceanographer M. Grey Valenti explains the SeaWiFS project. Go

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