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I See Dancing Beans
A Night at China Club - Page 2 of 3

       “How did you win?” she asks.

       “I don’t know,” I say.

       We have to shout and lean close to each other because the beenz rap anthem is very loud.

       “Did you have to submit something?” she asks.

       “No, they just told me I won.”

       “How did they tell you?”


       She leaves.

       I smoke a few more cigarettes, then two women approach me.

       “What is your company?” says the bolder of the two. “I’ve never heard of it.”

       “It’s a personal site,” I say.

       She brightens. “Oh, you mean like dating services?”

       “No, I mean there’s no company, it’s just me. It’s entertainment for the Web.”

       “Ah. Who supplies your entertainment content?”

       “I do. I supply the entertainment content.”

       She says, “What is your revenue model?”

       I say, “I don’t have one.”

       The women giggle as if I’ve said something witty. They cover their mouths like children. We exchange business cards.

       The DJ has moved on to Hits of the 80s.

       The Beenz women have moved offstage and are now doing The Electric Slide outside the Womens Room.

       A tall, bright-eyed man approaches me now. “Are you Zeldman?”

» “Yes,” I say…

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