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» Jules Verne, Misunderstood Visionary [Scientific American, by Arthur B. Evans and Ron Miller]

» Leonardo da Vinci's Codex Leicester. [American Museum of Natural History]

» The Writings of Thomas Jefferson [on]

» Thomas Edison's Invention Web

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       Gaze into your monitor; focus beyond the orderly rows of pixels, past the circuitry, farther even than the orbiting communications satellites. If you look far enough, can you see data-quasars and info-nebulae? Mappa.Mundi Magazine invited a few guest visionaries to peer into cyberspace and report on what they saw.

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06/01/00 I see words - by Frances Sherwood, Professor of English, Indiana University South Bend Go
12/01/99 I see dancing beans - by Jeffrey Zeldman, Web pundit and independent content developer. Go
11/01/99 I see business as usual - by Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert. Go
10/01/99 I see points and spaces of light - by Esther Dyson, chairman of EDventure Holdings, Inc. Go
09/01/99 I see bridges - by Judi Harris, University of Texas at Austin's College of Education. Go
08/01/99 I see a Wisdom Space - by Bernard Tan, Dean of Students, University of Singapore. Go
08/01/99 I see a new Renaissance - by Eugene Garfield, President and Editor-in-Chief of The Scientist. Go
07/01/99 I see toasters - by Vint Cerf, senior VP of Internet Architecture and Technology at MCI WorldCom. Go
06/15/99 I see maps of the Internet - by Bill Joy, Chief Scientist of Sun Microsystems. Go
06/01/99 I see an elephant - by Paul Jones, director of the UNC MetaLab. Go

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