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July 1999 Cover
July 1999
Multicasting Matters

by Carl Malamud.

       Carl Malamud explains why multicasting is no longer just for cheap TV tricks: "In 1993 I hooked up the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. to the experimental multicasting backbone overlaid on the Internet (known as the MBONE) and sent out the audio from Larry King Live to the Internet. A reporter from the Associated Press asked to be present at this historic occasion. In the middle of the speech, as we peered anxiously over our computers to monitor the transmission he got to the money question" ...

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Also In This Issue
07/01/99 Map of the Month, "Tim Bray's Hyperlink Totems"
by Martin Dodge.
Totem pole icons of Web sites glow with hyperlink light in Tim Bray's 1995 map of the Internet.
07/01/99 Visions, "I See Toasters"
by Vinton G. Cerf.
Vint Cerf sees millions, if not billions, of new devices populating a pervasive Internet.
07/15/99 Locus, "Projection"
by Stephanie Faul.
Gerardus Mercator was a controversial cartographer in the 16th century. He still is.
07/01/99 Locus, "Portolan"
by Stephanie Faul.
The magnetic compass, along with the portolan map, fostered a revolution in marine navigation.
07/26/99 Web Informant #161 "Let the Internet Messaging Battles Begin"
by David Strom.
Microsoft vs. AOL in a messaging battle.
07/15/99 Web Informant #160
by David Strom.
I've Been Hacked.

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