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Stephanie Faul is director of public relations for the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. A long-time writer and editor, she has been a frequent contributor to on-line and old-line media.

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      Locus is a series about words that describe places and how these words have been shaped by language, culture and society through the ages.

Previous Articles
06/01/00 The Country of the Dead - Where do people go when they die? Go
05/01/00 Meridian - Slicing the globe. Go
04/01/00 The Four-Color Map Problem - A topologist met a topographer - they talked tints. Go
03/01/00 Interferometry - Space Shuttle Endeavour's radar eyes are giving us a clearer picture of earth topography. Go
02/01/00 Finding the Poles - Places with no east or west. Go
01/01/00 Prince Henry, The Navigator - From the end of the Earth a medieval prince launched an age of exploration. Go
12/01/99 Time and Place - Call them smart bombs if you will - fact is, they're only following instructions. Go
11/01/99 Imaginary Places - In a storyteller's dreamscape, monkeys can fly. Go
10/01/99 Triangulation - Map makers need to know all the angles. Go
09/01/99 Atlas - A Titan's burden becomes a cartographer's collection. Go
08/15/99 Secrecy - Sometimes, it's what a map doesn't show. Go
08/01/99 Topography - Cartography has its ups and downs. Go
07/15/99 Projection - Gerardus Mercator was a controversial cartographer in the 16th century. He still is. Go
07/01/99 Portolan - The magnetic compass, along with the portolan map, fostered a revolution in marine navigation. Go
06/15/99 Map - Map making is an ancient art. Go
06/01/99 Orbis Terrarum - Globe of the World. Go

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