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Martin Dodge is a Researcher in the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), University College London and is the creator of the Atlas of Cyberspaces.
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       Extending the meteorological metaphor beyond the familiar Internet cloud, we could use Net weather forecasts to show oncoming packet storms. Of course, maps are the key means of summarizing and presenting complex meteorological data. We are all familiar with the colourful weather maps on the TV news and on the newspaper back page, with their isobars and little symbols of snow flakes, raindrops and lightning bolts. Are there equivalent weather maps for the Net?

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Map of the Month Archives
09/21/01 Imagining the Inner Workings of the Internet - The Warriors of the Net Movie. Go
08/15/01 Show Me The Money - SmartMoney's Map of the Market. Go
06/23/01 Mapping how people use a website - MIT Media Lab's Ben Fry discusses his anemone visualization. Go
05/23/01 Flowing From Site to Site - Brian Reid's USENET Traffic Flow Maps (circa 1986-95). Go
03/31/01 What Does the Internet Look Like, Jellyfish Perhaps? - Exploring Walrus, a visualization by Young Hyun of CAIDA. Go
02/10/01 The Netscan Project - Marc Smith on mapping the social geography of Usenet news. Go
01/12/01 Fly Through The Web - HotSauce, developed at Apple Research in the mid-1990s, was an innovative 3D fly-through interface for navigating information spaces. Go
11/01/00 Indexing The Web With Geography - A look at the UK Academic Map, one of the best examples of a geographic sensitive map. Go
10/01/00 Mapping the Geography of Domain Names - A look at Matthew Zook's Internet Geography Project. Go
09/01/00 Newsmaps - Examining Cartia's topographic approach to mapping of information. Go
08/01/00 TeleGeography's Traffic Flow Maps - Telegeography's Net flow maps are based on the volume of international telephone traffic between nations. Go
06/01/00 Mapping A Virtual City - What would a virtual city in cyberspace look like? Go
05/01/00 Maps to Market Your Network - How UUNET markets their infrastructure using maps. Go
04/03/00 Mapping the Global Spread of the Net - The virus-like spread of the Internet around the globe is the subject of a series by Larry Landweber. Go
03/01/00 Conceptual Map of Net Spaces Circa '94 - There's an Internet beyond the Web on John December's CyberMap Landmarks. Go
02/01/00 A Map of Yahoo! - Would an interactive map of Yahoo!'s hierarchical classification be a more useful navigational tool? Go
01/01/00 Missile Tracks Across The Net - Stephen G. Eick's color coded arches have become popular icons for visualizing the Internet. Go
12/01/99 MIDS Maps the Internet World - John S. Quarterman's Matrix Internet and Directory Services consultancy has been mapping cyberspace for a decade. Go
11/01/99 Web Site Maps from Dynamic Diagrams - Z-Diagrams help designers visualize large Web sites in two-and-a-half dimensions. Go
10/01/99 Mapping MUDs - Multi-User Dimensions are shared fantasy realms built of words and visible only in a player's mind. Can they be mapped? Go
09/01/99 Mapping How The Data Flows (traceroute) - The links and hops of the hidden world of the Internet are revealed as Martin Dodge puts three traceroute mapping programs to the test. Go
08/01/99 Internet Arcs Around The Globe (1996) - Arcs above the globe trace MBone topology in a map series by Munzer, et al. Go
07/01/99 Tim Bray's Hyperlink Totems (1995) - Totem pole icons of web sites glow with hyperlink light in Tim Bray's 1995 map of the Internet. Go
06/01/99 ARPANET, October 1980 - One of the earliest attempts to chart the reaches of Cyberspace, it reminds us that today's Internet is a cold war child. Go

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